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Why chose a Broker over an Agent  
Brokers are the most stable insurance distribution channel on account of following advantages:
Brokers represent the client, not the insurer
Brokers have expertise, knowledge of market and negotiating skills
Brokers are accountable to clients for professional negligence
Brokers are technically competent to evaluate insurance companies on the basis of coverage, services and price and thus
  ensure healthy competition
Brokers are more aware of national and international markets
Brokers assist in speedy and fair settlement of claims
Brokers normally have higher bargaining power – leading to significant Cost Savings for clients
Brokers can structure specialized insurance programs – policy limits, minimizing deductibles and optimizing coverage
Brokers help you evaluate the 'terms' and 'service' you are enjoying today vis-à-vis the 'best' available in today's competitive
  market – take advantage of competition.
Brokers provide several Other Services like Policy Audit, improvement in coverages, expert handling of claims, day-to-day
  policy administration, etc.,