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Employee Benefits Insurance
The human workforce is the single most important asset in any organization. It is also the most vulnerable. Providing the best protection for your people against unexpected events is not just a legal and moral- but also commercial – imperative. These unwelcome events vary widely in form and severity of impact to the individuals and their employers. Such events can range from terrorist attacks to adverse weather conditions: the spectrum of misfortune is open-ended.

However, one element all such incidents have in common is disruption: disruption of a single or of a group of lives – and consequent disruption of their organization. This could result in loss of productivity, of leadership – even, ultimately, of reputation.

Furthermore, Employees consistently rate benefits as one of the key factors in job satisfaction and so it is important for an employee benefits package to be attractive to both current and prospective employees. Employee benefits related to insurance are an added advantage to companies in the war for talent as they can establish a company as the "employer of choice." In India, the awareness of the importance of these insurance benefits is slowly catching up and in the coming years is surely bound to influence a corporate's ability to attract and retain highly qualified people.
Employee Benefits Insurance can be broadly classified into
Group Health Insurance / Hospitalization Benefits
Group Accidental Benefits
Life Insurance Benefits
Retirement Benefits
Our Service Proposition
  • Carryout an expert evaluation and assessment of your needs balancing HR's desire for extensive cover with concerns over premium spend
  • Comprehensive analysis of your current employee benefits insurance program to guage competitiveness and cost-benefit
  • Conduct a review of prior claim and losses to identify trends & issues of potential concern
  • Endorsement tracking & Monthly Data Reconcilliation
  • Claims Advisory, Control and Management
  • Monthly report card followed by monthly review-benchmarking performance against SLA
  • Cost optimization through vendor relationship and volumes handled
  • To Optimize the benefits program in line with established benchmarks