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Welcome to Ant Works (IRDA Registration No. IRDA /DB/ 522/12)
The combination of strong analytics and ground breaking thought leadership are instrumental in driving innovation at Antworks. As an Direct Broker, we focus on much more than the insurance transaction itself.  We offer, tailored, integrated solutions for our clients designed to maximize their resilience.

Antworks is in a unique position to combine risk insights with real world solutions. We combine a deep understanding of our client’s business with a detailed knowledge of their exposures and unparalleled access to the markets for protecting those risks. Our analytical capabilities, combined with our understanding of risks and the markets for those risks, puts us in a privileged position.

Antworks has the size, scale and resources to invest in analytical capabilities, which combined with our organizational agility, enables us to respond quickly to the evolving needs of our clients.

With an ever more dynamic, complex and interconnected risk environment, there is an increase in demand for new services, tools, advice and expertise to help clients interpret and diagnose risks. Our role at Antworks is to equip our clients with these tools and our insights and expertise to enable them to make better informed decisions.